Friday, September 3, 2010


I am celebrating two things in this post. First, that my lovely mother came over and fixed my sewing machine. It was pretty bad...but she came through and fixed it! She rocks!

Next, I completed my first stuffed animal. While he looks okay from afar he has a few issues that I learned from for the next one. First, I think he would be cute if I hand sew the whole thing but that would defeat my purpose of learning with the sewing machine. I will definitely be trying this again but with some modifications. I also learned that it is definitely helpful to sew all outside pieces first and then sew his body together. For some reason I sewed the eyes on but not the nose before sewing him all together. Who knows...probably my impatient nature getting the best of me.

When my mom can over she suggested doing more square items to practice and to start with as the circular bottom is harder to sew. Her suggestion was to change the owl into thanks. Anyway, I have been practicing my straight lines as well and hope to have a lot more projects with better seems in the near future.