Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Piggy Piggy

Right now if you are inviting me to a baby shower or a child's 1st birthday it is most likely that you will receive a piggy bank from me. I am not sure why but I am finding the cutest little piggy banks and think every kid should have one. Of course, the value of a dollar is something I did not learn until much later in life so I think it is good to encourage when they come out of the womb.

David Desalvo Studios creates these cutie money savers and if in Austin can be purchased at Wee. There are all different animals and colors for your liking. I have to say though if you see one you like, buy it because it probably will not be there when you get back and then he will have to hand make you another. Check it out! Enjoy!

Oh, and BTW...if I give you this gift with money to put in the bank....no spending, its for the baby!


So, starting a new job, moving and getting into a relationship has really put a halt on the blogging. But that is no excuse, I read a ton of blogs everyday that the people have much more going on then me so I am now back on it. Telling you what I want you to know and what I like. Hmm, all about me...just the way I like it. For all of my 6 readers, thanks and sorry I have been a slacker the past few months...Oh, and the picture is just one I like.